Meet Sarina Tremblay

Sarina Tremblay stands at the forefront of horse racing journalism, bringing a fresh and insightful perspective to the sport. With a degree in journalism and a lifelong passion for horse racing, Sarina has carved a niche for herself as an authoritative voice in the field. Her expertise spans the intricacies of horse racing, from the pedigree of champions to the strategies behind the scenes.

A career dedicated to horse racing

Starting her career as a local sports reporter, Sarina quickly gravitated towards horse racing, captivated by the sport’s dynamism and elegance. Over the years, she has covered numerous prestigious races, interviewed renowned trainers and jockeys, and shared the thrilling stories of legendary races with her audience.

What Sarina brings to Baden Galopp

  • Insider Insights: Sarina’s access to exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes information enriches our content, offering readers a closer look at the sport.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Her dedication ensures that our audience receives the most thorough and engaging coverage of horse racing events, trends, and news.
  • Expert Betting Tips: Leveraging her deep understanding of the sport, Sarina provides invaluable betting advice, helping our readers make informed decisions.

A voice for the community

Sarina believes in the power of storytelling to connect and inspire the horse racing community. Her work transcends mere reporting, aiming to foster a deeper appreciation for the sport and its vibrant culture.

Join Sarina on her journey

Follow Sarina Tremblay on Baden Galopp and social media as she continues to bring the most exciting horse racing stories, insights, and tips directly to you. Be part of the journey with one of the most passionate and knowledgeable journalists in horse racing today.